The image depicts the character Updike [by socks.clip and appears in Friday Night Funkin] sitting at a dimly lit bar, one hand holding a strawberry milkshake the other hand holding his head. He has a blank expression like he's just staring off into the distance (unable to recreate in the render). A pixie / fairy (just a simple formless girl with wings, really generic design, they just appear as light) glows and flutters in front of him and a few other fairies are hovering around him curiously looking at him. He is wearing black gloves.

Though the bar is dimly lit the circular wooden table Updike is sitting at is seen, his expression and milkshake are visible. A beanbag chair behind Updike is sort of visible. A tree covered in vines and branches is in the corner of the bar that cuts through the whole building. It's where the fairies live. It is partially lit up by the fairies like fireflies and looks like someone wrapped Christmas lights arond it.

The picture is slightly inspired by some 1800s painting I cannot for the life of me remember the name.

Ultimately just do it as you want, it's just I always want to make sure I have enough details so the person knows where to start.

Here is the room.

Mockup of the room

Idk how to write it but the window is this kind. The one on the far right.

That kind of long window you see in office buildings that you can't open

Where the image will appear in the story.

A sign was taped to the front reading "FIRST MEETING OF THE CARNIVAL!" written out in bubble letters.

Tabi shook his head. "We're dealing with idiots." He remarked.

Sprites were flying about the place, tidying up and dusting while Rosie watched. They were moving fast, looking more like a lightshow than little people with wings.

They fluttered around Updike, as if he wasn't there. He just drank a strawberry milkshake. He seemed to be completely lost in thought, not seeing the fairy looking at him curiously. He had some kind of stern expression you couldn't read.

(image appears here)

Pomona had arrived earlier too and was talking to a bunch of the fairies. She was surrounded in glowing wings, causing you to do a double take if that was even her....(story continues).

Description of the Bar (from chapter 19)

Though most of the lights were dimmed and the place abandoned it was a complete bar. Unlike the soft pink the bakery had going for it, the colours here were more expressive. Still very much pink, but more 'raucous'.

A large room, bigger than the previous HQ. It looked like a cross between a pastel painting, ski lodge and a party room.

The walls were a soft pink, almost white, long window long the east end facing towards the back of the building. It provided natural lighting. Lining most of them were some paintings, photos and banners, all celebrating the gangs’ various achievements.

"Wow." Pomona looked in awe.

"We run a speakeasy here. I'm sure that won't be a problem, right officer?" She said sarcastically.

You shake your head, not sharing in the sarcasm.

In the centre stood a large circular wooden table, chairs all around it. It would have looked rather foreboding had the pink and white checkboard cloth not cover its surface.

The floor made it look less than bar and more for a home. It was a textured fibre carpet, gray, but providing some relief from the abundance of soft colours.

"We sweep the place for bugs every 24 hours, sometimes more."

"Do they really spy on you that much?" Pomona asked innocently. Rosie shook her head. "It's the cops I'm worried about. I run a legit business now and those damn nosy-" Rosie paused, stopping from making a pig joke. "-cops keep thinking I'm up to no good."

You just shrug, though make a mental note to have S sweep the place. As long as it was transmitting, he'd be able to sense it.

"Well. This is it. What do you think?"

Towards the end was a bar, stools in front of the counter. It looked to be fully stocked. On the same wall, next to the bar were a few bookshelves.

A window was present, a long one that cut along one of the walls. It provided a lot of light and gave off a wide view of the back lot of the bakery. Just below the window were a few beanbag chairs.

Rosie flicked on the lights.

If it was an illegal bar, it didn't look used much.

And last was the strangest thing. As if the room had been built around a tree you could see part of a trunk and branches that stretched past the ceiling. It must have only been visible from the back of the building. But it looked downright odd. You knew enough to know it's purpose. It was for the fairies.

A lot of things in the room clashed, though if it wasn't public-facing then who cared?

"We were going to open it up for the fae but after Kapi told me I figured let's just give it to the crew first. We'll throw the fae a party when it's all over."

Renders / Reference


Without Lighting


I couldn't get Updike's expression right. It's stern, he's staring into the distance with a blank expression. It's supposed to be like the video below. I couldn't get the fairies in the render either. They're just like a girl but all light, you can't see any specific details. A bit like this but legs and wings too.

I couldn't get the table or tree textures done correctly either. It's not a flat table, there's some kind of texture in it, like it's cut from a redwood or something.

The tree two as vines around it and more idk rugged texture.


Updike pose from FNF


I hope this helps!