Turnabout Teardown, Steadfast Spring

Steadfast Spring


The Dearest Family are one of the most powerful factions in Newgrounds City. Not that it mattered to you of course. But maybe you should've considered that before you tried investigating them. Now look at you.

Jobless, damn-near beaten to death, disgraced from the NCPD and hated by those who once called you friend. You are (your/name), or Geist. Thirsty for revenge, (Y/N) descends to the criminal underworld to assemble a team or villains, demons, and musicians to Tear. Those. People. Down. With hatred in mind it begins a conflict that will ultimately tear Newgrounds City apart.

This is book 1, containing a record of the events that occured in Spring. It covers the following three arcs: How the Carnival Was Founded, Operation Blindside & Operation Earthquake.

Note: This is a story inspired by the game Friday Night Funkin'. It has absolutely nothing to do with the series and the reader is not required to know anything about the game or community. It also features minor crossovers from Sonic the Hedgehog, Poppy Playtime and more.

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